Hotel Universal, Livorno (ITALY)

August 23-25 2017

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The overwhelming majority of chemical processes happens in complex
environments, such as liquid phases, biological systems or heterogeneous
material matrices. Enzymatic reactions, the transport across a cell membrane,
light harvesting in plants and solar cells, the uptake of pollutants by
atmospheric aerosols are but a few examples of systems representing recognized
societal challenges such as health, energy, environment.

Using theoretical and computational tools to model the complexity of such
systems as a whole has been and will continue to be out of the question for the
foreseeable future: simplifying assumptions must be introduced to render such
systems computationally tractable.

The present workshop will address the challenge of developing maintainable,
modular, modern, and scalable software dedicated to the modeling of environment
effects in Computational Molecular Sciences.

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Posted by Roberto Di Remigio
February 24, 2017
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